Programming Experience

All the projects that I completed either as a side project, a task at a corporation or an assignment at school.

Barcode Scanner
Zcom Systems - August 2017

A barcode scanner app for Android and iPhone using Cordova to display and update information

Contact Us Page
Zcom Systems - July 2017

A simple contact us page for Clearoute Inc. A contact is created in the Kloudville software

Paint Program
University of Toronto - November 2017

Created a paint program that draws 9 shapes. It functions similar to Microsoft Paint on Windows

High School

Created many classic games with Java using object orientated programming.

Towers of Hanoi
University of Toronto - March 2017

Created a GUI enabled game with an algorthim that solves the game

Huffman Coding
University of Toronto - February 2017

A program that compresses and decompresses files using Huffman Trees

Work Experience

Zcom Systems
May 2017 - August 2017
Developer Intern
In a four-month internship, I excelled myself in numerous computer science areas, especially in web development.

Volunteering, Extra-Curricular Activities and Hobbies

Volunteering experiences, hobbies that I enjoy doing and extracurricular activities done at school.

Tennis Coaching
Nov 2013 - Jan 2014

Model United Nations
Extra-Curricular Activity

COMC Math Contest Marking
December 2017

Extra-Curricular Activity

Tennis Team
2012 to Present
Extra-Curricular Activity and Hobby

Tabla (Music Instrument)
2008 to Present


John Cabot Catholic Secondary School
September 2012 - June 2016
High School Diploma
Honor Roll (2012-2016) | Perfect Attendance (2014)
University of Toronto
September 2016-Present
Bachelor of Science
Majoring in Computer Science